District Camp FAQ

Q: Are cell phones permitted at camp?

A: We strongly encourage campers to leave all electronic devices at home, as Asbury Woods is not responsible for lost or stolen items. However, we understand that parents want to contact their children directly throughout the week. If you chose to send a phone with your camper, please be patient with their response times. Phones are not to be carried with campers throughout the day and may only be used during free time.

Q: What is the camp dress code?

A: Clothing promoting cigarettes, drugs, alcohol, and/or violence are prohibited, as well as clothing with foul or suggestive language or clothing that is too tight or too loose. No spaghetti strap shirts or two-piece bathing suits are permitted. Camp staff reserves the right to request for campers to change clothing in violation of this policy.

Q: May I reserve my room (or roommates) ahead of time?

A: Rooms are filled in no order as campers arrive. Campers arriving on schedule will have first choice in choosing rooms. Rooms or beds will not be reserved for those arriving late.

Q: What should campers bring?

A: Bedding, towels (bath and pool), toiletries, a flashlight, and a Bible. Campers should have enough clothing to last the week, with a few extra items in case of messiness. Tennis shoes are required for some outdoor activities, while flipflops or sandals are suggested for the pool and shower. A small amount of money ($10 is plenty) for the camp store is permitted. Asbury Woods is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Please leave items of value at home.