Upcoming Events

Elementary Camp: July 5-9

Elementary camp is based on an escape room. Campers will look at times in the Bible that people had to escape and what they did in order to get out.

Younger Elementary (k-2nd grade) is a day camp, running 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM Tuesday – Friday, with an optional overnight stay into Saturday. Final pick up is 3:00 PM Saturday.

Older Elementary (3rd-5th grade) is a traditional sleep away camp. Drop off is 8:00 AM Tuesday, pick up is 5:00 PM Saturday.

Middle and High School Camp: July 10-15

Join us as we celebrate the birth of Christ at camp! Campers will participate in Advent themed days, leading up to Christmas morning. In addition to Bible studies, campers will participate in games, challenges, and other activities.

Drop off is Sunday at 4:00 PM, pick up is Friday at 2:00 PM.

You can register for camp HERE.

You can register to volunteer at camp HERE.